QuickActCasual Productions

QuickActCasual is here to take away all the stress of your visual production.

It's in the name. We know production is a hassle, but it's also fun. If it weren't fun, why would we put up with the stress?
Would you get a dog that barked and pooped but never licked your face or cuddled with you while you sleep?
No. That would be terrible.

We probably won't lick your face or cuddle with you, but we will commit to creating a positive environment in which to execute and deliver on your project's needs. Whether it's advertisement to develop your brand or the passion project you've been waiting your whole life to complete, your vision comes first, and we are your best collaborators.

Creative Development - Scripting - Video Production - Photography

Whatever stage your project is in, we are ready to bring it home.


Alex Cantatore

Alex is a film-maker and photographer based in Los Angeles, CA, and the owner/operator of QuickActCasual Productions, LLC.

He has a background developing and producing content for television, film, digital marketing, and music. He is an alumnus of Emerson College and connected to a broad network of creators in Los Angeles. 

He enjoys sweet potatoes.